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Patrick’s Place

Hallowed World

Green and living.  Sunshine, rain.

The soil.  The spring.

My mind and heart lift up

  in joy.

The weight of winter.  The dark

  and numb dead cold

  melt, dissolve, and are no more.

Come rejoice with me.

Come sing.

Come dance barefoot in grass

  and dew.

Embrace.  Exalt.

This chant, this ancient smile

  of earth,

  of life,

Of God.

(c)  Patrick A. Rose.  May 2014.

Woodstock, Georgia.

Some of My Poems

Be Still

The noise of life, the constant sound,

My mind goes there and round and round.

The world is here before your face.

A mindless aimless empty race.

A deafness deadens deeper sighs.

A heart in pain unheard it cries.

We close our ears by seeking noise,

And choke the life of inner joys.

Stand still. Stand still and hear the pain.

Hear your heart weep once again.

Listen, listen, within the deep.

A warmth, a fire, the heart does keep.

Buried beneath those constant tears,

The heart knew love before its fears.

Love is quiet, but love is there.

And love remains. And love is bare.

© Patrick A. Rose, June 17, 2015.