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Finally, after working on this project on and off for the last twenty years (many of those years I was occupied with other things), I have, in my retirement, published my grandma’s wartime memoirs.

This is an account of her experiences as a mother of ten children in England and Wales during World War II. My grandmother was a great writer and this small book will transport you back in time to those days when England feared invasion from a merciless enemy.

Net profits from the sale of this small book will be donated to the British Academy of the New Church.


September 2015.

The War and Us

by Hilda Mary Waters

Edited by Patrick A. Rose

To order, go to Search for “Hilda Waters.”  Select her book, The War and Us, from the list. Lulu hosts stores in a number of countries. If it fails to recognize what country you have logged in from, you can always go to the top banner, select the drop down list by clicking on the flag, and then select “Change Store.”

Contact me if you have questions.