We all know the feeling, of hoping for something, whatever it may be, and it doesn’t happen. We get over it in most cases, but it is an unpleasant feeling and not one we would normally wish for others. And yet, throughout life, sometimes we disappoint others with our decisions. It is part of life.

The other day I went grocery shopping at a large warehouse club. Quite often, there are a few people standing by to pounce after one has entered. “Pounce” is perhaps a slightly judgmental word, but that is how it can seem. This time, a young lady came up to me and asked me which phone service I used. She had, she claimed, an opportunity for me to save money on my calls. I asked the name of her company. Having never heard of it, I told her, as pleasantly as possible, that I was not interested. The disappointment on her face took me aback somewhat and left me with a bad feeling as I walked onward to do my shopping.

It is fairly obvious that people doing sales promotions in a store need the money. The same, I assume, goes for sales calls on the phone. These calls can certainly be irritating. We try to filter them out, and if they get through anyway, it can be annoying. The temptation is to respond rudely or to hang up.

I am no saint, and there was a time when I used to wax quite sarcastic in response to such calls. Over the years, though, I have met many people who are having trouble with life, people who really do not have an adequate income, nor any good employment prospects. Now if I receive such a call, I try to be polite. I try to include the word “sorry.” My caller may well still be disappointed, but at least I have not been hurtful.

This reminds me, though, of one glorious time over two decades ago when I got a marketing call. It was for another company to handle my long-distance calls. It so happened I had already been looking into that company and was thinking of changing to their service. So, I said, “yes.” The line went dead. She was no longer on the line.

A few minutes later, the phone rang again. My sales lady was back again. She apologized and said she was so excited when I said yes that she pressed the wrong button and hung up. She proceeded to sign me up.

It is good to make someone’s day!