The Lost Policeman

One of my more treasured memories from childhood is of when a policeman who was walking by our house, stopped to ask directions. We were playing outside our house, alongside the street. He told my siblings and I that he was new to the town and needed our help in telling him which way he needed to go to get back downtown. I pointed out the way for him, and he nodded gratefully, thanked us, and headed off towards the town. We ran inside so excited to tell our mum how we had just helped a policeman find his way.

I must confess that it was only a few years ago, in recalling this incident, that I realized he was teasing us. At that point, the memory became even more special. He took the time to talk to us little children. He took the time to tease us. I wonder how many more children he pulled that on. We only talked with him for a few minutes, but I will never forget this kind policeman who I am sure was chuckling as he walked back to town.

[This was originally posted March 15, 2021.]